Additional Services

Roof Ventilation

Only 10% of existing homes are properly ventilated. Not only will a properly ventilated attic extend the life of your roof, it will help to prevent damage to your structure, including rafters, plywood and insulation. It will also help lower your energy costs. Composition shingle manufacturers may limit their product warranty if your home does not have proper ventilation. There are many options, and we can help select the right system for you, call today to discuss roof ventilation in Sugarland & Rosenberg, TX.

roof wood repair sugarland tx

Wood Repair

If you're experiencing dry rot and wondering what the cause is, look no further than water. If water seeps into your wood, it allows fungi to grow. As this fungus takes over, it creates weak spots in the wood, which cause the wood to crumble and appear rotted. If it is a small area, it can be cleaned out, treated, and filled. In larger areas, we would remove the wood and replace it with a new piece. All wood on your home should be inspected annually. Early detection can help prevent bigger problems. Call today for roof wood repair!